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Asgoli is located approximately 5 Kms from Guhagar. A small fishing hamlet in the shadows of a small hillock Asgoli is an unexplored part of Guhagar and offers the very rustic and original feel of a village.

To reach Asgoli from Guhagar one need to take the left turn at the Vyadeshwar temple junction where the right turn would lead to the Gopalgad fort. A 5 Km drive through the narrow winding roads will take you to Asgoli.

Sai Meru Agro Tourism Centre is located atop a hillock and there are stairs to reach the resort from the gate of the property. Vehicles can be taken only uptil the gate.

Sai Meru Agro Tourism from Mumbai

The route to Asgoli from Mumbai is very straight forward. You need to follow the NH 17 uptil Chiplun from where a right turn will take you to Guhagar. Asgoli is 5 Kms ahead of Guhagar.

Mumbai - Pen - Mangaon - Khed - Chiplun - Guhagar - Asgoli

Sai Meru Agro Tourism from Pune

There are more than one route that one can take to reach Asgoli from Guhagar however considering the current road condition the best route would be via Kumbharli Ghat.

Sai Meru
Asgoli, Guhagar, Ratnagiri.
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